It’s said that you never lose feelings for your ex lovers

I can verify this 

I have a boyfriend who I have been with for 8 months I’m 15 and I love him, I do. But there was a boy I was in love with for over two years that I had never spoken to before, this was the kind of love where he was all you thought and dreamed about. I once saw a shooting star and wished he would ask me out. Everytime I walked past him I felt sick and needed to scream to release the excitement. Then, we ended up together for 9 months, broke up, got back together for two months, broke up then went on a school trip skiing together got back together were closer than ever. In between these break ups I had another boyfriend who I thought I was in love with 

Now even after all of that and being with a new boyfriend for 8 months I still have some unresolved feelings for will (the one I was obsessed with)